Are you feeling stressed? Is it becoming unmanageable? See my previous blog on the 10 signs of stress if you are unsure. 

A lot of people experience stress for various reasons, here we look at 5 tips to manage this.

1. Basic wellbeing: When we are stressed it is particularly important to make sure we get a good source of fuel, which comes from our sleep and our eating. Try to make sure you have 3 meals a day, and get a good nights sleep.
Tips for tackling sleep and appetite problems can be seen in my blog

2. Work life balance: If work is one of the stress factors for you, work on leaving work on time, not checking your emails at home, and having lunch breaks when at work to recharge your batteries.

3. Relaxing and enjoyable activities: The more stressed we are, the more we often withdraw from none essential activities. But actually this is the time we need these even more. Make time to spend with family and friends, to do hobbies, to get out of the house. Consider activities that are slow paced – reading, listening to the radio etc.

4. Exercise: A natural remedy for stress is exercise. Try to build some aerobic activity into your week.

5. Ask for help: If you have more to do than you can manage, consider asking friends/family to provide you some help and support short term. Speak to your manager at work about your workload. If the stress is becoming unmanageable, go to see your GP to discuss further options for support.

To find out about how I can help you with managing stress, please get in touch. Private therapy available in Cheshire, by telephone and video call. 

Hannah Paskin
Awareness in Mind (AiM)
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