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Can CBT help my phobia?


Phobias are very common. Most of us either have a phobia or know someone that does. The impact of phobias is ofter really under-estimated. So many clients I see report [...]

Can CBT help my phobia?2020-01-05T20:32:41+00:00

Are remote therapy sessions effective?


I have been asked a number of times by clients "Are phone and video sessions effective?" Increasingly the world we live in is become distanced, and that's often viewed as [...]

Are remote therapy sessions effective?2020-01-05T20:33:10+00:00

Why am I still not happy?


You’ve ticked all the boxes you thought were needed for a ‘happy’ life. Successful career, house, car, partner/kids all ticked off. Over the years you’ve kept thinking “When I just [...]

Why am I still not happy?2020-01-05T20:33:42+00:00

Are you being the “real/true” you?


There is the "real/true" version of ourselves, and then there is the anxious/depressed/angry version that's the life we are living day to day. The further apart the real us is [...]

Are you being the “real/true” you?2020-01-05T20:34:15+00:00