Having trouble sleeping

Written on Monday 13th January 2020

***Hannah's Helpful Hints***

The first in my new series. Every couple of weeks I will look at a different symptom or problem.

Today, my first topic is poor sleep as 2/3 people are affected.

Sleep is one of our key sources of energy, so it is no surprise that ongoing sleep problems will have an impact on our emotional state. Common consequences of poor sleep include reduced motivation, increased irritable, less rational thinking and increased stress.

A quick problem solving question I often ask clients in sessions:

"If you were babysitting a 5 year old, and wanted them to sleep through, what would and wouldn't you let them do before bed? and if they woke up?" If we applied this to ourselves, we wouldn't go far wrong.

Changes to make:

* Reduce use of devices, particularly laptops/tablets before bed, and phones in bed

* Reduce caffeine

* Avoid food late at night
* Introduce exercise earlier in the evening

* Introduce a wind-down or relaxation routine. Think of activities that engage your brain whilst not stimulating it, such as reading, or listening to music, colouring in or puzzles. 

* Make your bedroom environment relaxing

* Only get in bed when planning to sleep (not for TV etc)

* Avoid clock watching

* If you wake in the night, get up,  spend more time trying to relax, then try again

* Avoid lie ins or daytime naps


Hannah's Helpful Hints is a series of self-help information and advice. A new symptom or problem will be covered every couple of weeks. If you'd like to subscribe, send me a message with your email address.

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