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Appointments available by telephone and online

There are many reasons why you may prefer to access appointments by telephone or online. It could be that you are anxious about travel/meeting in person, you may have a busy working life, you may have mobility limitations, you may have childcare commitments, or you may be interested in my particular skills/experience and not live in the area.

Does it work?

I have this question all the time. Many people are interested in the convenience of this option, but are unsure if it really works.

There has been a significant amount of research looking at this, and it has been repeatedly shown that the results achieved with remote therapy versus face to face are no different, so in short – Yes it works.

Do you have experience?

I strongly believe in therapy being accessible via a method that the individual chooses.

I have been delivering treatment remotely and online for 10 years, as long as I have been doing face to face work. I began instant type chat therapy 4 years ago, and video sessions 2 years ago.

I currently have clients in treatment from across the UK and a few international clients.

What are my options?

I offer 3 options for sessions:

  • Telephone therapy

  • Video therapy (like Skype)

  • Instant type-chat therapy


There are testimonials provided by current and previous clients:

“I can receive treatment in the comfort of my own home by telephone. I find that telephone sessions in no way undermines the therapeutic process and if anything enhances it as I can focus my mind more intently on the conversation.”

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